Holiday Security Tips for Your Home

Going away? These tips will help you to secure your home and deter burglars.

Our Top 9 Holiday Security Tips for your home

  1. Let a trustworthy neighbour know you are going away
  2. Don't discuss your holiday plans in a public place
  3. Don't leave gardening tools or ladders around the perimeter of your house
  4. Ensure your home has adequate security signage
  5. Don't put your present boxes outside your house for all to see
  6. Have a monitored security alarm system
  7. Have exterior sensor lights and interior lights on timers
  8. Cancel you paper delivery
  9. Clear any bushes or shrubs that may provide a concealed entrance

Break and Enter Spike - New Years Eve

The incidence of break and enter to a dwelling increases by a whopping 51% on New Years Eve according to the latest research conducted by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research. Take these extra measures to increase security at your home particularly on New Years Eve.



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