Perimeter Protection

Cage specialises in providing the latest and most effective electronic security – as we believe this to be the future of security. Protect the perimeter of your business, home or a high security area with the latest in intrusion detection.

Photoelectric Beams

Photo Electric Beams are infrared shafts of light that reflect from one camera pole to another and create an alarmed wall of photoelectric rays.

If the beam is broken by an attempt to pass through the perimeter, an alarm will sound and the live feed from the camera on the pole will stream an image to the Cage Security 24 Hour National Monitoring Centre, displaying the event.

Speakers that are built into the poles can be used to transmit a message to the perpetrator and inform the intruder that the police are on their way or that a certain action will be taken.

Electric Fence
An electric fence can be built around your premises and, in some circumstances, added to existing poles or fencing to deter or prevent entry to an estate.

Taught wires are strung horizontally a set distance apart. An electric current is regulated at a low level voltage which, if touched, will give a mild electric shock.



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