Computer Room Monitoring

The Computer Room of a business is often the area that contains the most valuable equipment. It's the hub of the operation that a whole business relies on.

A change in the environment can seriously effect the IT operations of a business and heavily impact the company's ability to function.
Click here to view a diagram of how computer room monitoring operates.
Your system can be monitored for:

  • High Temperature - Which causes computer malfunction
  • Power failures and Backup Battery conditions
  • Water Leakage under floors or in ceilings, which may cause electrical faults
  • Increased Humidity
  • Gas leaks from C02 Computer Room Fire Retardant Systems
  • Smoke and Fire
  • Intrusion & Vandalism
  • Plant & Equipment, Faults and Break Downs.

A Computer Room glitch can prevent the use of email and internet, inhibiting communication between a company and it's customers and suppliers for hours, even days if a serious issue occurs which can bring trading to a grinding hault.

Please contact us to organise a free quote and discuss the options for your Computer Room Monitoring on 13 88 11.

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Enviromon APC5-16 Computer Room Environmental Monitoring Panel

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