Access Control

The advantages of Access Control
Access Control Systems help to ensure the safety of your employees, your business and your assets. An Access Control System allows you to permit or prohibit access to different areas of your premises with access cards (also known as swipe cards or proximity cards). An access control system is an integral part of a good electronic security solution.

All employees are issued with an access card which they are required to swipe against a card reader in order to gain entry. This card determines whether or not the individual has access privileges to a particular area of the building or part of the business. Access to these areas can be via an entry point such as a door, gate, lift, turnstile, barrier, disabled access, car park boom gate, and a variety of other access points.

If someone walks in off the street without an access card, they will not be able to enter the building. If an employee’s card is not coded to permit access into a particular area such as a cash room, HR office, Financial Directors office, or any area where sensitive company information is held, their proximity card will not permit entry.

The Cage Difference
We offer the very latest in access control technology. We are the number one approved and accredited dealer of Inner Range systems based on the amount of trained and certified Inner Range technicians. Through our thorough briefing system we obtain a clear understanding of your requirements and our highly skilled technicians then install the right system to meet your business’s particular needs.



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