Alarm Monitoring (incl NBN)

The Cage Approach

To give our clients peace of mind, our state of the art monitoring centre operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When an alarm system that has back to base monitoring is activated by tampering, intrusion or power failure, a signal is sent directly to the Cage Security National Monitoring Centre. The signal is received as an urgent priority by our experienced monitoring centre operators and actioned immediately.

When you initially setup you alarm monitoring with Cage, you can speak to one of our trained monitoring centre operators and plan the response you wish to be taken. Your plan can include:

1. Calling you or a designated member of your family directly
2. Phoning your home
3. Sending the Police or Ambulance Service
4. Sending out a Guard Patrol

The Advantages of Alarm Monitoring
Whether you have an existing alarm system or you are planning to install one, alarm monitoring can be set up to automatically alert our Monitoring Centre when access has been breached.

The demand for alarms to be monitored is increasing as false or repeated alarm activations in homes has lead to alarms being ignored. Once a neighbour has reacted to a distress signal and found that it was a false alarm, they are unlikely to react if the alarm goes off a second or third time.

Rather than chance an alarm activation going unnoticed, more homes are now choosing to have their alarms monitored.

The NBN (National Broadband Network) and Wireless Monitoring
The NBN roll out across Australia will require owners of monitored alarm systems to confirm compatibility with their supplier. Cage offers sales, support and of course monitoring of alarm systems using hardware compatible with the NBN, or in cases where there is no traditional phone line.

Dual Path (Polled) Monitoring
Where a higher level of alarm monitoring is desired (or required by insurers), Cage offer the latest in Dual Path alarm communicators. The polled communicator is designed to alert the monitoring centre in the event of tampering with the alarm system communication path. This ensures that situations such as a cut telephone line do not interrupt the communication being sent to the alarm monitoring centre from your alarm system.



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