Home Alarms

Why install an alarm?
A home alarm system, also known as a burglar alarm or intruder alert system, is designed to warn you of an attempt to break into your home and to deter would be burglars.

How The Alarm Works
Movement sensors are strategically placed in rooms of your house to capture any slight change in environment, such as an increase in body heat (infra-red) or motion. Movement made in the area when the alarm is switched on will be detected and will activate the alarm siren, automatically dialling back to the Cage 24 hour Alarm Monitoring Centre.

The alarm systems installed by Cage Security are fully backed by the manufacturer's warranty and the installation is covered by
a 12 month warranty.DAS_LCD_Keypad

Brands we use
We only use the most durable and reliable and well-known alarm system brands.
Alarm system brands that are trustworthy and easy to service such as:
DAS, Hills, Ness, Paradox, DSC, Concept, Bosch, Protege, Videofied and more.

The Cage Process
A Cage sales representative will come to your home to provide you with a free quote on an alarm system that is customised to suit both your property and your budget. upon acceptance of the quote, one of our licensed technicians will be scheduled to visit your property where they will fit and install your home alarm system and commission it to our back to base alarm monitoring centre.

The Cage Approach
VoiceNav_BlackWe create tailored security solutions for your home by developing a clear understanding of your needs, and selecting the most appropriate security alarm systems to meet these needs.

We use a structured briefing and feedback system to capture the relevant information needed to design the right home security.

Our young and enthusiastic customer service team is picked from the very best technicians and is supported by the latest technology; sourced from the world’s leading security system manufacturers.

Sensors and Your Pets
Do you own pets that live at home while you are not there? Not to worry, Cage can supply and install a range of pet friendly alarm systems that will allow your pet to be within the warm and safe confines of the house even when the alarm is switched on. Pet detectors are just as effective as normal movement detectors whilst still allowing your animal to roam freely around the house.

Cage Security and Australian Standards

All alarms installed by our Cage Security qualified technicians are certified to the Australian Standard AS2201.

All our installations are conducted in order to comply with the following:

BCA Building Code of Australia
AS2201.1 Intruder Alarm Systems
AS2201.3 Internal Detection Devices
AS2201.5 Alarm Transmission Systems
AS2201.2 Monitoring Centres
AS2201.4 Wire Free Systems

For more information on Safety Standards go to Standards Australia or SAI Global

Alarm Repairs and Service



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