Business Alarms

Why install an alarm?

An alarm system, also known as a burglar alarm or intruder alert system, is designed to warn you of an attempt to break into your business and to deter burglars and intruders from entering a property. The alarm system is activated when access to premises, a room or an area or has been breached and an attempt to gain entry to your premises is made.

In terms of deterence, it's all about layers when it comes to security. You need to consider Electronic Security (alarms, access control, CCTV), Mechanical Security (Locks, bars, grills), adequate Security Signage and Security Manpower (Security guards and guard patrols) when looking to determine a security solution.

It is much less likely that an intruder would select a premises or office that displays adequate security protection and signage as opposed to one that doesn't. Considering all options to secure your premises can save you time, money and and a lot of hassle in the long term.


The Cage Approach
We create tailored security solutions for your business by developing a clear understanding of your security needs, and selecting the most appropriate security alarms and security systems to meet these needs.

We use a structured briefing and feedback system to capture the relevant information needed to design the right security system for a client’s business.

Our young and enthusiastic customer service team is picked from the very best technicians and is supported by the latest technology; sourced from the world’s leading security system manufacturers.

Different building structures (and business circumstances) require different types of security alarm systems and either a wireless or hardwired alarm system can be installed. The majority of security alarm systems are hard-wired, though a wireless alarm is ideal in locations that may be difficult to hard-wire or where portability is essential - such as in a rental or lease property.
CAGE Security and Australian Standards
All alarms installed by our Cage Security qualified technicians are certified to the Australian Standard AS2201.

All our installations are conducted in order to comply with the following:

BCA Building Code of Australia
AS2201.1 Intruder Alarm Systems
AS2201.3 Internal Detection Devices
AS2201.5 Alarm Transmission Systems
AS2201.2 Monitoring Centres
As2201.4 Wire Free Systems

For more information on Safety Standards go to Standards Australia or SAI Global




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